Glenmore Ellison Improvement District Joins Forces with the City of Kelowna

The Glenmore Ellison Improvement District and the City of Kelowna have agreed to join forces for the benefit of our customers and community.

A Transition Agreement is in place to see all households, businesses, and agricultural properties on GEID supply, transition to the City’s water utility over the next three years. The next step is for the province to consider an Order in Council, until then, the Transition Agreement is in place.

For over a century, our improvement district has been providing reliable and high-quality water services to the Glenmore Valley, supporting its growth and prosperity. We are proud of our achievements and our legacy, and we are confident that this transition will ensure continued quality, reliability, and sustainability of our water system.

The City of Kelowna shares our vision and values and has a proven track record of delivering integrated water services to a large and diverse customer base. By joining forces, we will be able to enhance our service levels and interconnectivity, improve our resilience and emergency response, and achieve economies of scale that will benefit all of our customers.


Over the course of the three-year transition, GEID will continue to operate as a separate entity within the City water utility, to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of ownership and operation. Customers will not experience any disruption or changes in their water quality due to the conversion.

We look forward to working closely with the City of Kelowna and our customers to make this transition a success. We invite you to explore the Fact Sheet and FAQ’s below or use the feedback form available here to request more information or ask specific questions about the transition process.



Why transition now?

Our goal is a smooth transition that guarantees no disruption to the water quality or availability for our customers. The Glenmore-Ellison Valleys are expanding fast, we all must deal with more risks and costs from a changing climate. Based on a unanimous vote, the GEID board has determined that the best way to ensure a strong and lasting water system is through integration.

What will happen to staff at GEID?

GEID has a strong legacy in the Glenmore valley thanks in large part to the highly skilled staff that are experts within our water systems. The City and GEID are committed to ensuring that all current staff members of GEID are treated fairly during the transition, with continued employment at existing terms and conditions to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

Who will bill me and where will I pay?

GEID staff and administration will continue to operate the system and issue bills through the transition timeframe which will take approximately three years.

Could water rates or taxes change?

The transition itself will not increase rates for either utility. In the long term it should help improve resiliency and keep rates lower than otherwise. Based on economies of scale, all ratepayers will benefit. In addition, access to senior government grants and lower interest rates will provide added benefit to GEID rate payers.
The City of Kelowna will develop a financial plan within three years to merge GEID and City water rates. This will ensure that water customers are treated similarly between the two systems.

Will this impact the agricultural rate structure?

The transition itself will not increase rates for either utility. The City has a long-term goal of one rate structure for all water utility customers. During the three-year transition the City is committed to working with the agricultural community to determine the best rate structure that meets the needs of the community.

What about areas outside Kelowna such as Ellison?

The City will request that the Regional District of the Central Okanagan support the City continuing to service GEID customers located within the Regional District.

Will this affect how each utility addresses drought conditions?

GEID and the City are both aligned with the Okanagan Basin Water Board and Okanagan Waterwise programs which support water conservation across the entire Okanagan Valley. All water providers have a similar drought management plan with consistent water restrictions.

As our region has some of the driest conditions and highest per capita water use in Canada, both utilities encourage customers to monitor their usage and take steps to reduce their consumption.


Watering Restrictions:

Kelowna’s four major water utilities have assigned day, water conservation measures in place to help to reduce peaks in water use, reducing the high demands on our water delivery system at any given time. This allows the system to keep up with the demands for drinking water, irrigation, commercial use and storage for fire protection.

Drought conditions in the Okanagan have potential to be very high this summer, with high temperature and low precipitation.  GEID reminds all water users that it is critical to conserve water now wherever possible.  Making reductions to limit unnecessary water use will help to reduce the need to advance water restrictions later in the season or next year should a multi-year drought occur.

For water-use efficiency tips and to learn how to prepare for drought, please visit

Current ‘Normal’ Residential Water Use Restrictions:

Water Restrictions
For more detail on water usage for GEID drought stages click here.


Learn About Water Conservation:

Environmental Operators Certification Program
Okanagan Basin Water Board
Water Supply Association of BC

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Irrigation (A-Grade) and General Irrigation (G-Grade) Turn on Dates

Seasonal irrigation is available from the beginning of April to the end of September, in accordance with GEID’s water license provisions. A-Grade irrigation turn-ons are tentatively scheduled to occur the during first and second week of April 2024, weather dependant. Please ensure your gate valve is opened after we turn on your water at the property line.

As per GEID Tolls Bylaw #253, owners of G–Grade properties that wish to irrigate will be billed bimonthly during the irrigation season only. G-Grade properties are assessed as having Non-Farm Status as determined by the BC Assessment Authority and have an existing irrigation connection separate from a domestic connection.

If you are a G-Grade property owner and would like to have the GEID crew turn ON your irrigation service, please contact GEID NO LATER than March 28, 2024 to provide your name and property address for the activation.

Late irrigation turn-on requests will be accommodated but will incur a $50 Turn-On Fee.



Reduce your paper waste with e-billing! Going paperless is simple. Please “click here” and let us know and we can sign you up to receive your bills electronically!

If you would like your bill payments to be automatically deducted from your bank account, please fill out the attached Pre-Authorized Debit Form “here” and return it to our office.

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As part of our ongoing engagement with water users, GEID recently completed a ratepayer opinion survey. The results of the survey demonstrate overall satisfaction levels with GEID services are very strong and also help point to areas for improvement. For detailed results click here.

Water Meter Reading Device (MXU) Upgrade Project Complete

Glenmore Ellison Improvement District Water Utility has completed it’s project to upgrade existing meter reading devices (MXU’s) necessary to read water meters throughout the district and eliminate manual reading.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation in getting this work done!