Meters - Residential

Metered rates for Single Family Residences will be implemented as of January 1, 2016.

Currently, over 50% of GEID customers are metered. This includes new housing constructed since late 2003 and any dwellings, previously on wells or other systems, newly connected to the GEID system.

The majority of properties that are not metered include the older homes throughout the District.  These homes will need to be "retrofitted" to accommodate meters.  

Existing metered customers have paid for the supply and installation of their own meters.  The Board of Trustees has confirmed the practice that metering costs are the responsibility of the property owner. 

Please note:  MOST MULTI-FAMILY STRATAS AND APARTMENT BUILDINGS ALREADY HAVE A MASTER METER.  There is no requirement for each unit to be individually metered.  

Retrofitting Single Family Residences for meters

Procedures have been finalized on metering your home.  Homeowners have three options:

  • Homeowners will be able to purchase a Sensus meter and remote reading device from CORIX Water Products at 750 Finns Rd., Kelowna and contract the work with their own plumber.  Upon completion of the installation, the homeowner will need to contact GEID for a meter inspection. 


  • Contact CORIX Utilities at 250-765-3826 and schedule the purchase and installation with CORIX Utilities.  


  • The homeowner may purchase the metering components at CORIX Water Products and install them themselves.  This is not generally recommended. 

For all options, all costs for the work (plumbing alterations and metering installation), including the purchase of the meter and remote reading device, are the responsibility of the property owner.

For Installation Information, GEID's Meter Handout can be accessed here:   Metering Handout March 2016.pdf   Please note that the Inspection Form at the end of this package is provided so that you and your plumber are aware of the items that GEID will be inspecting. 

For Frequently Asked Questions about GEID's Metering Program, click here: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - GEID Metering Implementation.pdf

See "Rates>2016 Residential Calculator" for the CONSUMPTION RATE CALCULATOR

Meters for New House Construction

In accordance with GEID Bylaw #148, and with older bylaws, water meters have been required for all new residences since late 2003.  Meters have been a requirement for resdiential complexes as well as industrial, institutional and commercial facilities since 1992.

Residential meters are installed inside the homes, usually near the water intake into the building.  The District and the City do not normally permit external meters or meter pits due to weather and cost.  In addition, only one meter is installed in a residence which contains a suite.  No additional meter is installed for the suite.

Meters for residences are purchased from the District when the owner applies for a building permit.  It is the responsibility of the owner to contact GEID's contractor, CORIX Utilities, to schedule the meter installation.

Before contacting CORIX, the owner or his contractor should ensure that the plumbing is installed to accommodate a meter in an easily accessible and horizontal position.  This can be achieved by the installation of a section of pipe a minimum of 315 mm long in a horizontal plane immediately downstream of the building shut-off valve.  Applicants should consult the current City of Kelowna Plumbing Regulations Bylaw ( to ensure that the plumbing supports the meter installation.

All meters are required to have a remote reading device, also called an MXU, wired to the exterior of the house so that the meter may be read from a remote location, rather than by entering the house.