Meters - Non-Residential

Industrial, Comercial Institutional (ICI), Multi-Family and Strata Developments

Metering of all complexes, including plazas, multi-family and strata developments, schools/campuses, commercial/industrial/institutional buildings, etc. is required.  All water consumption, whether inside a building, outdoor landscaping or for private fire hydrants within the property line, must be captured by the (master) meter.  

The meter chamber design, size, location and design, as provided by the developer's engineer, must be approved by the District prior to installation.  These meters are not supplied by GEID and must be purchased and installed by the developer.

A remote reading device, (MXU) is also required for all meters.  GEID charges a fee for the device and contracts with TRIBUS Services (Formerly CORIX Utilities) for its installation.  All meters must be compatible with the Sensus Radio-read system.

Please note:  There is no requirement for each Strata or Apartment unit to be individually metered. A Master Meter at the property line will capture all consumption.