Hydrant Permits

Fire Hydrant Permits are required for both private and public hydrants within the District.  Permits must be applied for and approved by GEID in advance of required use. 

In 2013, GEID established a new Bulk Hydrant Water Policy to address some issues concerning the use and sale of bulk water from the District.  The Policy has been updated as of January 2014 to clarify permissible uses for GEID hydrants..  Click on Regulations>Bylaws & Policies for the policy.

Private and Public Hydrant Use Procedures

Private hydrants are generally those hydrants within residential and commercial strata complexes, other multi-family complexes, schools and other institutions.  All water use from these hydrants is monitored by the complex meter(s) and the complex is also responsible for the hydrant repair and insurance.  As the hydrants are not a part of the District’s infrastructure, meter wagons are not required.  Private hydrant users will continue to make application and provide their own backflow assembly devices, with a copy of the current approved backflow assembly test certificate supplied.   Permits for private hydrants are provided at no charge.

Public hydrants are all hydrants that are located on public roadways and also on Statutory Right of Ways.  If applying for permission to use any of these hydrants, a hydrant wagon will be required.  These wagons will be supplied by the District and will be fitted with meters and backflow devices.  The permit holder will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the wagons and fittings during the permit period.   Public hydrant permits are charged a fee of $25/day, which includes a daily allowance of 20 m3 of water; additional water will be charged at the rate according to the bylaw in force.

GEID will outfit two wagons to be available for hydrant use.  Once available, the applicant will be required to pick up the wagon and return it to the office at 445 Glenmore Rd., during regular shop hours of 8am – 3pm, Monday through Friday.  Until the wagons are available, public hydrant permit holders will need to continue supplying their own backflow assembly devices and a record of the current approved backflow assembly test certificate.

Applicants for public hydrants must provide a copy of their Liability Insurance coverage for a minimum of $2 million dollars.  Once received, this document will be retained on file for the effective period.

Incorrect hydrant use procedures can damage hydrants, resulting in increased costs to the District or, in the case of private hydrants, to the private complexes or institutions.  In addition, sudden, large draws of water from hydrants will cause turbulence in the water mains, resulting in heightened turbidity and colour spikes.  The end result is unhappy residents and numerous water quality calls to the District.

Although the District is anxious to assist contractors, the District has full discretion in providing hydrant access to an applicant.  In addition, if the District is undertaking repairs on the system; if there are minimal flows available due to emergencies or other events; or if all hydrant wagons are in use, a hydrant permit may have to be delayed until such time as the District will permit the hydrant use.

Permit applications are a requirement of water districts and the City of Kelowna & Ellison Fire Depts.  Unauthorized access or incorrect procedures in using hydrants will result in fines. 

Please contact the office to apply for a permit.