Backflow Protection

The Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District is a member of the Kelowna Joint Water Committee that works together with other Water & Improvement Districts to maintain consistency in the cross connection control program between the City and the other Districts.

A cross connection, as defined by Bylaw #11 is “any physical arrangement whereby the District’s waterworks system is connected directly or indirectly, with any non-potable or unapproved private water system, sewer, drain, conduit, well, pool, which contains, or may contain, contaminated water, liquid, gases, sewage or other waste, of unknown or unsafe quality which may be capable of imparting contamination to the District’s waterworks system as a result of backflow”.  Backflow regulations in the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District are as follows:

All underground sprinkling systems connected to the District's water supply shall be equipped with an approved backflow prevention device installed on the downstream side of the meter and/or shut-off valve.  The current minimum requirement for a single family dwelling is a District-approved Dual Check Valve; for multi-family complexes or Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI) proerties, a District-approved Double Check Valve Assemby (DCVA) is required, at a minimum.

A current list of Certified Testers, as approved by the Kelowna Joint Water Committee,  is available through the City of Kelowna Cross Connection Control Program Office at [email protected] .