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McKinley Landing Water System Water Quality Advisory (WQA)

A copy of the Water Quality Advisory can be found here:  /McKinley Landing Water Quality Advisory



BOIL WATER NOTICE issued March 10, 2017 for all of the Ellison Area

In consultation with the Interior Health Authority, the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District (GEID) has issued a BOIL WATER NOTICE (BWN) for all water users within the Ellison service areaThe affected area includes all properties serviced by GEID which are located east of Old Vernon Road, including all areas north of Anderson Road.  This also includes the Country Rhodes and Country View Estates Stratas.

A copy of the Boil  Water Notice can be found here:   Boil Water Notice - Ellison

GEID’s customers will be notified when the BOIL WATER NOTICE is rescinded. 

BOIL WATER NOTICE of July 19, 2016 for Rural Ellison Area - RESCINDED November 10, 2016

In consultation with Interior Health Authority (IH), the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District (GEID) has downgraded the Ellison Boil Water Notice issued on July 19, 2016 to a Water Quality Advisory (WQA). This WQA applies to approximately 175 rural Ellison properties serviced by GEID which are located on or east of Old Vernon Road, on or north of Anderson Road, all properties on Postill Lake Road and all properties south of Postill Drive. 

PROPERTIES NOT AFFECTED: The July 19, 2016 BWN does NOT affect residents located at Country Rhodes Strata located at 6100 Old Vernon Rd and Country View Estates Strata located at 6400 Spencer Rd.  PLEASE NOTE:  These unaffected properties still remain on a Water Quality Advisory.

A copy of the Boil Water Notice can be found here:  Boil Water Notice - Ellison_19 July2016

Please be advised that ongoing monitoring and disinfection is being maintained throughout the Ellison area distribution system. 


GLENMORE: A Water Quality Advisory is in effect for the Glenmore portion of the system.  This system provides water to the Glenmore Valley, from McKinley Rd. south to Summit Rd. and east to the Sexsmith/Lougheed areas.  Also, the system provides water to the Wilden subdivision, Quail Ridge, UBCO, the Kelowna Airport and the Airport Business Park. The advisory has been in effect since 2006 due to elevated turbidity in the system.  The water in this system is considered to have a FAIR rating.

It should be noted that with the construction of a new Intake at Okanagan Lake, along with a new Pump Station and distribution mains, GEID is now supplying Okanagan Lake water to 95% of its residents (creek water was the former supply).  An Ultra Violet Facility is under construction and will be completed by Fall 2016.  Additionally, a new Concrete (closed) Storage Reservoir for the system will be constructed starting mid-2016, to bypass the open storage reservoir currently in use.  Due to these water quality improvements, the GEID Board of Trustees anticipates that the longstanding Water Quality Advisory will be removed in mid 2017, once construction is completed. 

MCKINLEY  (Formerly McKinley Landing Waterworks):  There is no advisory in effect for this system.


Property owners are responsible for ensuring that tenants are advised of all water advisories.

General information on Water Quality Advisories (WQAs)

In 2006, Interior Health Authority (IHA) rolled out their Turbidity Notification Program.  This program requires that water suppliers issue a WQA at any time the drinking water exceeds 1 NTU (nephlometric turbidity unit).  The water in the Ellison and McKinley Landing distribution systems are considered to have a FAIR rating on IHA's Turbidity Index, based on turbidity levels in excess of 1 NTU.

Interior Health Authority Recommendations

IHA recommends that children (0 - 12 years), the elderly (65+ years) and people with weakened immune systems boil their water for one minute or seek a safe alternative.  Owners of public facilities must post Water Quality Advisories at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public.  Alternatively, public fountains and taps may be turned off.

GEID closely monitors the system and will update its customers of any changes to water quality.

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