Water Shut Off Valve

Water Shut Off Valve

All residents should know the location of the main shutoff valve in a home.  Before an emergency occurs, find the valve.  It is usually in the basement and near the furnace or water heater.  If there is no basement, it is usually near the water heater, where the water pipe enters the building.

The valve controls the water coming into the house and is the first line of defence if you have a leak, flood or broken tap, etc.  The valve should also be opened and closed at least once a year to ensure that it is not stuck.  Don't wait until you have a flood and find that you can't budge the valve.

It is important for each resident to know where this valve is and how to close it. 

Single Family Residences

If this valve needs to be repaired, the owner will need to schedule the District to turn on/off the water at the curb so that the plumber can make the necessary repairs.  For a planned repair, a minimum 48 hours notice is required to schedule a water turn off.  If it is an emergency, contact the District immediately so that an operator can be diverted from his scheduled work and travel to the site.

Curb stops belong to the District - only GEID operators may turn on/off the water.

Strata complexes

Townhouses, condos and other multi-family complexes have their own valves within the complex.  District operators are not permitted to enter these private properties to turn on/off the curb stops.  Strata owners should be aware of the regulations or rules concerning these curb stops.