Household Pressure Problems


Water Pressure


Sometimes water pressure in a home begins to decrease or increase.  If water is flowing properly from some taps, but not others, check the aerators (screens) on the affected taps. The aerators may be plugged.  Similary, the screens on the washing machine or dishwasher may be blocked.

If water pressure is consistently low on all taps, the Pressure Reducing Valve, also known as a Pressure Relief Valve,  (PRV), probably needs adjusting.  This is a valve located near the water entry into the home.  It's typically near the household water shut-off valve and is part of the household plumbing.  Building codes require PRVs on homes to protect household plumbing from pressure fluctations that may occur in water systems.  

If the water seems to "spurt" on all taps, the PRV screen may need to be cleaned.  Spurting is when there is good pressure for a few seconds and then the pressure lowers and the flow slows down.  The screen protects the PRV and household plumbing from debris.  Sometimes you'll have to clean the screen and adjust the PRV.  In most cases, a plumber should be contacted for assistance in this regard. 

In addition, PRVs do not last forever.  If you experience ongoing pressure problems, please ensure you contact a plumber.