New Treated Water Reservoir and Ultra-Violet Facility


New Concrete Treated Water Reservoir Construction is Complete, new Ultra-Violet Facility commissioning is done and the plant is under normal operation, Permanent Bypass in place 


Now that the Joe Bulach Pump Station has been constructed, and Okanagan Lake water is the primary supply for the GEID distribution system, GEID is working on Stage II and III of their water quality improvement plan. 

Stage II Works: The District has completed construction of a new Ultra-Violet Facility at the McKinley Reservoir Site.  At a cost of approximately $4 Million, the UV Facility provides a second barrier of protection to meet drinking water guidelines. Additionally, a second component of this project is the construction/placement of a permanent bypass pipeline.  The bypass will allow Okanagan Lake water to bypass the (open) McKinley Reservoir, resulting in treated water being directly supplied into GEID's distribution system.    

Stage III Works:  Stage III works are comprised of a 9,000 m3 (enclosed) Concrete Treated Water Storage Reservoir, to provide balancing storage for the treated water from the UV Facility.  The new Reservoir cost was $5 Million and was completed in the fall of 2017. 

Now that these water quality improvements are complete, the longstanding Glenmore Water Quality Advisory has been removed.