Irrigation Valves / Turn On & Off Schedule


The District will be turning OFF irrigation water for 2017 over the following periods:

Ellison & Dry Valley Area - October 2 to 6, 2017

Glenmore Area  -  October 10 to 13, 2017

Customers are reminded that the irrigation valves are operated on a seasonal basis only and cannot be left on year-round. 

Cemetaries, golf courses, and non-farm properties with irrigation connections are reminded to call the office to request seasonal turn ons and turn offs.

LATE Irrigation Turn-Offs - Application Deadline September 30th

If you wish LATE irrigation, a completed application and $50 fee per valve must be received by the District no later than September 31st.   Irrigation Application Form.pdf .   GEID will set one day (to be determined) to turn off these valves.

Please note that any damage & related costs to the District valves, including water lines, meter or other District-owned works due to a late irrigation request, are the responsibility of the property owner.

The fee of $50.00 is payable in advance for each site visit per legal lot and must accompany each application.   Late irrigation is only available for agriculture-related operations and must be approved by the District.

Property owners normally have both a District valve (turned on/off by District operators) and a private valve which is maintained and turned on/off by the owner.   If owners need to blow out and winterize the irrigation system before the District has turned off its valve, owners should be able to turn off their own valves and open the petcock to blow out their irrigation lines.

Irrigation Valve Turn-On & Off Procedures

We are unable to advise where the operators will be first for these valve turn-off/ons, and where they will be last.  Please note that if a broken or faulty valve is found, the valve will be noted and repaired after other valves are turned off/on.

GEID schedules its water operators to ensure the best use of manpower and time.  Re-directing and diverting these workers from planned jobsites is ineffective, inefficient and costly both to the District and its residents.  For this reason, we are cautious about diverting operators from one site to another without adversely affecting the smooth operations of the District.   GEID makes every effort to turn on/off the valves as quickly as possible however emergencies can alter the irrigation valve schedule.

Irrigation Winterization

When blowing out irrigation lines, please ensure that GEID's meter is protected.  Caution must be taken that no water is blown back through the meter into GEID's watermains as this will cause contamination of the District's system.  In addition, this can damage the meter and other components.  Any damages and costs for repairs of GEID's meters, valves, or other components caused by improper drainage are the responsibility of the landowner.

Sprinkler Head Dole Valves

GEID's bylaws require individual dole valves on all sprinkler heads of the agricultural property's irrigation lines.  GEID's dole valve at the property line does not assist in regulating the flows within the property.  Lack of individual sprinkler head dole valves will result in poor sprinkler performance and inadequate pressure throughout the property's irrigation system.