GEID's FALL 2017 Watermain Flushing Schedule


Fall flushing normally occurs over 4 to 6 weeks.  The 2017 Fall flushing is expected to commence on October 10, 2017 and should be completed by November 17, 2017.  Please note that system emergencies and other issues will change the flushing schedule.  Flushing by area is scheduled as follows:

TBA              - Glenmore, West Side - areas on & west of Snowsell St. & Glenmore Rd.

TBA               - Glenmore, East Side - areas on & east of Snowsell St. & Glenmore Rd.

TBA               - Wilden

TBA                - Quail Ridge, Academy Way & Dry Valley areas

Oct 10 - 13      - Ellison 

TBA                 - Scenic (aka the "Upper Glenmore Bench" from Valley Rd to Hwy 97)

TBA                - UBCO area, includes the Campus, the Airport, Airport Industrial Park,                                                                          Yaletown & McKinley Road, areas of Curtis Road

If you have questions regarding the date your area is flushed, please feel free to call the office at 250-763-6506, or email  [email protected]  for more information.  

General Information on Regular Watermain Flushing

Crews use hydrants and blow-offs to flush and move large volumes of water through GEID mains.  This not only affects water in the lines being flushed but can also disturb water on nearby roads.  For that reason, residents can be affected even when their property is not in the immediate area being flushed.

Flushing occurs between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm. Avoid doing laundry during these times. During this period you may experience variations in the water pressure and some discoloration in the water.  If you experience discoloration, run the cold-water tap until the water runs clear.  Please check your water for clarity prior to using.

Advertising & Email Notifications of Regular Flushing

The District normally advertises the flushing dates in the local newspapers in advance and throughout the flushing period.  The District also updates its website daily to highlight the roads that will be flushed  the following day.   A map of GEID's servicing area is attached.  Please note that the Union area comprises the Glenmore West Zone and the Glenmore East Zone.  Areas.pdf

GEID flushes its water mains each spring and fall.  Flushing is an important step in maintaining a healthy water system.  If you wish to be notified of scheduled water main flushing in your area, please email [email protected] and ask to be added to our email flushing notification list.  Your street address must be included in this request. 

Although the District makes every effort to advise its customers in advance of scheduled water main flushing, emergency flushing due to water main breaks or other events do occur and advance notice of such flushing is not possible.

Private Watermain Flushing & Private Hydrant Use

Private watermain flushing within large private properties such as residential developments, shopping centres, schools, UBCO and other facilities should be undertaken as soon as possible after GEID has completed its watermain flushing in that area.  This can be done either by accessing a private on-site hydrant, or opening valves located within the complex.  No private flushing should be done before GEID has completed its mainline flushing in that area. 

Permits to access private hydrants are mandatory and required by both GEID and the Kelowna/Ellison Fire Depts.  Please contact GEID for your permit prior to use.  There is no charge for private hydrant permits.

Spot Flushing

Please note that spot flushing of particular areas can occur, without notice, especially due to a watermain break or other event that causes the District to arrange for localized flushing.  Although this type of flushing may benefit the specific area, it can stir up the water in nearby mains and result in unsettled and coloured water for a short time after the spot flush has been complete.  For this reason, District staff consider a variety of issues before doing any spot flushing.