GEID's SPRING 2018 Watermain Flushing Schedule


The 2018 Spring flushing is expected to commence on March 19, 2018 and should be completed by May 1, 2018.  Please note that system emergencies and other issues will change the flushing schedule.  Flushing by area is scheduled as follows:

Mar 19 - 23    - Scenic Zone - or the "Upper Glenmore Bench"
                           areas east of Valley Road to Highway 97

Mar 26 - 29    - Ellison

Apr 3 - 6         - UBCO Zone - areas include the UBCO campus, Kelowna International Airport,
                          Airport Industrial Park, Yaletown, Glenmore Road North and areas of Curtis Road
Apr 16 - 20      - Glenmore Zone, West side -
                           areas on and west of Snowsell Street and Glenmore Road
 Apr 23 - 27      - Glenmore Zone, East side -
                           areas on and east of Snowsell Street and Glenmore Road

Apr 30 - May 1 - Wilden

Water pressure fluctuations and discoloration in the water will occur during flushing. Please check your water prior to use and avoid doing laundry or using hot water while flushing is underway in your area. If discoloration is experienced, run the cold water tap until the water runs clear.

Private Infrastructure Flushing

Infrastructure not owned by the District, including multi–family complexes, schools, plazas and other properties deemed as private, must be flushed to ensure that the freshest water is delivered. This flushing should be conducted immediately after the District has completed its mainline flushing.
The Fire Department expects hydrants to be regularly flushed to eliminate any deposits which could affect the pumping capacity of private hydrants. GEID private hydrant permits are available at no charge and are required prior to any private hydrant flushing being carried out.