Residential Rates

2017 Residential Rates Announced

The Board of Trustees have passed the Tax and Tolls Bylaws for 2017.

Most rates are derived from the 2015 Water Rate Review, prepared by GEID’s Consultant, Econics, which can be found here:  GEID Water Rate Review 2015 - Econics.pdf

Residential categories will continue to be billed quarterly, however to accommodate the timing required to read the meters, new due dates were implemented in 2016.  Meters will be still be read monthly to allow customers to track their consumption. For billing purposes, meters will be read on the 15th of the third month in the quarter, and mailed before the end of the third month in each quarter. 

NEW DUE DATES:  Quarterly Due Dates are April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31.  

Residential Metered Rates for 2017 are as follows:

Base Rate:  $36.25/month (or $108.75/quarter) for each domestic residence, plus

Consumption – per each cubic meter (m3): 

First 90 m3/quarter:                        $0.44/m3

Next 75 m3/quarter:                        $0.65/m3

Balance (over 165 m3/quarter):        $1.48/m3

Please use GEID’s Residential Water Meter Calculator (tab to Rates>2017 Residential Meter Calculator) to estimate your quarterly bills from your monthly readings.

For Residential Properties over 1 acre in size, that do not have Farm Status as assigned by BC Assessment, who have a second irrigation connection and meter installed to capture their outdoor irrigation (separate from their domestic line), will be charged an additional metered rate of $.30/m3 along with a metered base rate for all irrigation water used during the 6 month irrigation season.   See the General Irrigation Rate tab for more information.

Residential NON-Metered Rates for 2017 are as follows:

Flat Rate:  $100.00/month (or $300.00/quarter) for each domestic residence.

The Board of Trustees strongly encourages the installation of a meter for your residence, and if your residential property is over 1 acre, a second meter will be required to record the additional irrigation water consumption.

Note:   Rural Ellison Area Residents:

The Board of Trustees has deferred Metering Implementation for approximately 175 rural homes in the Ellison area which receive creek water year round.  These rural homes will not be required to install domestic meters until such time that their water quality is improved.  The 2016 Flat Rate for these homes will be $50.25/month (or $150.75/quarter).