Miscellaneous Payment Information

1.  Billing Responsibility

GEID domestic tolls invoices are now issued every 2 months (Commercial invoices issued each month) and the property/irrigation tax bills are issued once a year. 

According to GEID bylaws, all bills are the responsibility of the registered owners.  GEID does not bill to tenants and relies upon property owners to communicate and provide all billing information (and other information concerning flushing, water quality updates, etc) to tenants.

2.  New Account - New Purchaser

It is not necessary to contact our office when you move into our District.   If you purchase a home in our District the information  is sent to us from the Land Titles Office.  Any refunds or money owing on your account will be adjusted through your lawyer. A $20.00 Transfer Charge will be applied to your account by GEID for the search and transfer of ownership. 

GEID makes changes to the property title on receipt of notification from Land Titles Office. 

For specific rates and billings, please view the rates under Residential; Multi-Familty; Industrial/Commercial/Institutional; Irrigation/Other.

3.  Non Payment of Account

When any rates, penalty additions or miscellaneous charges due by any person are overdue, the District shall serve notice upon such person.  In cases of rates remaining unpaid, the District may, after serving 10 days notice, shut off the service and charge the cost thereof to the property owner concerned.  In such instances, service may be restored on payment of the overdue rates plus a fee of $150.00 representing the cost of disconnection and re-connection.

4.  Payment Options

  • eBills are available.  To register, please email to [email protected]  Your civic address and account number must be included with this request.

  • Bills can be paid at most Financial Institutions in Canada and by phone or internet through a bank's website or telebanking.  To avoid penalty, ensure your payment is made at least 2-3 business days in advance of the due date so that there is sufficient time for the payment to reach our office.

  • Payment by debit card/cheque/cash can be made at the District office, or use the drop slot when the office is closed. 

  • Customers can set up a Pre-Authorized Payment for automatic withdrawal from their bank account. Please print a pre-authorized  payment form here: BIMONTHLY PreAuth Form.pdf and return it with a void cheque to the District office or send it to the District via mail or fax.  

  • Payment of commercial monthly accounts can now be paid by pre-authorized payment plan. Please print a pre-authorized  payment form here:  MONTHLY PreAuth Form.pdf and return it with a void cheque to the District office or send it to the District via mail or fax.  

  • Cheques can be mailed to GEID, 445 Glenmore Road, Kelowna BC, V1V 1Z6.  allowing sufficient time for the cheque to reach our office by the due date.  Post-dated cheques are also accepted for the current billing period.

  • GEID does not accept credit cards.

5.  Billing Due Dates

To avoid unnecessary penalties, payments for water bills must reach the GEID office by the due date indicated on your bill.  Penalties are applied the day immediately following the due date.  Postmarks are not accepted as proof of payment.

a)  Bimonthly Water bills

  • NEW Starting in 2018 - Due dates have been changed to accommodate Bimonthly billing.  The new due dates for bimonthly water bills are March 31st, May 31st, July 31st, September 30th, November 30th and January 31st. 

  • If an account is outstanding 45 days after the due date, the service may be disconnected without further notice. Penalties are applied immediately following the due date at a rate of 3.75%.

  • Services may be disconnected for nonpayment and are subject to a $150.00 service charge.

  • Cheques or pre-authorized payments returned by the bank are subject to a service charge.

b)   Monthly Water Bills

  • Due dates for monthly water bills are the last day of each month.  These bills are mainly for institutional/commercial/industrial metered customers.   Penalties are applied immediately following the due date at a rate of 3.75%.

c)   Irrigation / Infrastructure Renewal Taxes

  • All Irrigation/Infrastructure Renewal Property Taxes are billed in October with payment due December 1st.  Unpaid bills after the due date are subject to a 10% penalty plus interest.  Taxes may be prepaid with the water bill if you wish.