2017 Rates Announced

The Board of Trustees have passed the Tax and Tolls Bylaws for 2017.

Please see the individual rate category tabs for detailed rate information. 

Most rates are derived from the 2015 Water Rate Review, prepared by GEID's Consultant, Econics, which can be found here: GEID Water Rate Review 2015 - Econics.pdf

Residential categories will continue to be billed quarterly, however to accommodate the timing required to read the meters, new due dates were implemented in 2016.  Meters will be still be read monthly to allow customers to track their consumption. For billing purposes, meters will be read on the 15th of the third month in the quarter, and mailed before the end of the third month in each quarter.

NEW DUE DATES:  Quarterly Due Dates are April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31. 

Please note that Commercial Properties and Commercial General Irrigation categories will continue to be billed monthly.




General Information on Rates

Rates for domestic tolls and irrigation taxes are a method of cost recovery for direct services such as the supply of water and operations expenses.

The Board of Trustees reviews the rates for the following year each September/October.  These rates must be approved and passed by the Board of Trustees and submitted to the Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development. 

In general, residents may contact the District after the end of October to determine what the following year's rates will be.

Domestic tolls are billed quarterly.  Infrastructure Renewal/Irrigation Taxes are billed each year in October, and are due December 1st annually.