Ellison Distribution System & Upgrades


In April 1990, the Ellison Irrigation District amalgamated with the Glenmore Irrigation District to form the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District (GEID).  Although administration has been integrated under GEID, the distribution/supply water mains of each system remain separate.

  • Ellison - includes the area east of Kelowna International Airport, from Anderson Rd at the south to Spencer Rd at the north.  Ellison also includes the Dry Valley Rd area during the irrigation season.

  • Glenmore - includes the Glenmore Valley, Wilden, Sexsmith area, UBCO, Quail Ridge and the west side of the Airport. 

The Ellison area remains primarily agricultural with only a small pocket of development near Spencer Rd where two large residential developments are located.

Water for the Ellison area is generally supplied from Mill Creek. This water flows from the Postill chain of lakes and enters the Ellison distribution system at the Postill Lake Rd pumpstation.  In addition to this creek water, there are several wells that supply our Ellison customers.  However, especially during the irrigation season, these wells cannot keep up with demand.  The creek water can experience high colour and elevated turbidity especially during spring freshet, whereas colour and turbidity in well water are normal and do not fluctuate. 

Plans are under review to separate the irrigation and domestic water for Ellison.  Phase 1 of this plan entailed the upgrade of one of the Airport wells which is now supplying year-round well water for domestic use only to the north end of Ellison.  The properties normally receiving well water year-round include: 

  • Country Rhodes Stratas - 6100 Old Vernon Rd.

  • Country View Estates Stratas - 6400 Spencer Rd.

  • 4451 - 4563 Postill Lake Rd.

  • 5981 Old Vernon Rd.

Due to the configuration of the existing system, the area receiving this well water is strictly limited.  Residents in this area should receive well water year-round however pump failures, power outages or other emergencies can result in GEID temporarily returning the area to creek water until emergency repairs are conducted.

System Separation is included in GEID's Capital Works Plan, which will entail the installation of new watermains throughout Ellison to provide separate potable drinking water to residents while retaining the existing mains for seasonal, creek water for agricultural use.

In conjunction with the Separation plan, the Trustees are reviewing Engineering Reports that consider supplying Okanagan Lake water being delivered to the Ellison area.  

The upgrades for Ellison are addressed in the Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan (see separate article under the Kelowna Joint Water Committee).  GEID will update this article as information becomes available.  Residents should also watch for updates in our Spring and Fall newsletters. 


Updated:  March 2016