Boundary Inclusion

The District's servicing boundaries are specifically described in its amended Letters Patent.  Historically, the boundaries included the early farming communities of Ellison and Glenmore, however, recent developments especially in the past 30 years have seen the boundaries expand to include such residential and non-agricultural areas as Wilden, Quail Ridge, Kelowna Airport, Sexsmith area, etc. 

Some properties within the boundaries are not connected to the District.  Factors such as locations of water mains, private wells, and other issues are considerations both for the District and property owners when connecting to the system.

The Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District (GEID) Board of Trustees cannot change the improvement district boundaries to include properties not currently within the GEID boundary.  GEID's boundaries can only be amended by the Provincial Cabinet and the Lieutenant Governor in Council through an Order-in-Council.   If you are interested in a boundary inclusion, please contact the office for further information. 

 Petition to extend.pdf

Approval to be included within the District's  boundaries does not automatically guarantee the availability of water.   All costs relating to the boundary inclusion and servicing the property are the responsibility of the applicant.